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Custom kitchen fitting services in Cambridge

Custom kitchen fitting services in Cambridge

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    Our homes provide us with a safe space to live, and each part of our homes contributes to the overall comfort our house gives. The kitchen is undeniably the heart of our homes as it is where a lot of our activities are centered and more importantly, where our food is prepared. So, it is imperative that our kitchen be designed with the right accessories.

    Kitchen fitting is what most homeowners turn to when they need to accessorise their kitchen or when they want to do a kitchen makeover. When it comes to kitchen fitting, Kitchen Fitters Cambridge is the best kitchen fitting company in Cambridge. Our services also cover nearby areas in Cambridge.

    Our team of experts and professional kitchen installers are always available for consultation regarding your needs for home improvements. Our services cover kitchen installation for newly built homes and existing homes.

    In our many years of service, our craftsmanship at installing kitchen fitters is unparalleled. We have mastered kitchen improvements for high gloss kitchens, shaker kitchens, matte kitchens, handle-less kitchens and so much more. Moreover, our services are quite comprehensive as we also offer plumbing and tiling as part of your kitchen installation.

    As we have said, the kitchen is the centre of all houses and having it redesigned will surely increase the comfort and value of your home. We are available to provide free quotations today. You can call or email our customer service team today through the Contact Us page if you are interested in our services.

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    Our Services

    From general consultations and free quotations to the actual installation process, Kitchen Fitters Cambridge has all of these for you. We pride ourselves with the quality products and services that we offer to our clients.

    Our goal is to always keep the level of customer satisfaction stable or at best, exceed the existing one. We continually pursue the improvement and development of our services so that our company is placed at a competitive advantage.

    To better give you the best quotation, we usually come to your property and make the necessary assessments. Most often than not, our clients come to us for more than just kitchen installation. They also let us install new kitchen cabinets or new kitchen worktops.

    Don’t make second thoughts of giving us a call. With our top notch installation services, we will transform your kitchen and bring your cooking experience to a whole new level. At Kitchen Fitters Cambridge, we always love a great challenge.

    Types of Kitchen Styles

    Our professional kitchen fitters in Cambridge are always there to help you choose the design of your kitchen and the materials you need. Below are some of the best kitchen styles available for you:


    Here are some frequently asked questions for your information. For more clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Having your new kitchen fitted, in Cambridge or in nearby areas, relies on the size and duration of the projects. Usually, the base price includes the materials needed and preparatory and installation services. This, however, necessarily excludes the appliances you want for your new kitchen.

    The preparation services referred to normally extends to removing existing wallpapers and plastered walls. Other products and services such as supplying and installing laminate kitchen worktops and providing and installing a kitchen splashback are priced separately.

    Also, the usual cost of providing and tiling the kitchen floors is excluded from the quotation because homeowners oftentimes do this task on their own. As regards the kitchen appliances, we highly suggest you separate a good chunk of your budget to make sure that you get to make your kitchen fully functional.

    The best kitchen fitters are the ones who can make the most of your limited finances. With this said, a kitchen fitter must be equipped with the necessary skills to produce the best results. Moreover, he or she must be accredited with the proper certifications to execute the kitchen installation well and do the kitchen fitting task accordingly within the planned time frame.

    Being familiar with the standard building regulations and industry standards is a quality a kitchen fitter must also possess. This is to ensure the safety of everyone during the installation of the kitchen materials and accessories. We highly recommend that you also ask for referrals, look at the actual projects done by the company and reach out to past clients.

    Plumbing may be included in kitchen fittings. Most of the kitchen fitters offer plumbing services to their clients. Our team of kitchen fitters in Cambridge, UK is composed of skilled individuals who underwent proper training and who possesses specialised skills. They are always ready to take your kitchen project head on, regardless of the difficulty it poses.

    Included in the team are carpenters who are experienced to kitchen fitting installation and plumbers who are experienced to carry out the basic plumbing works. They will guarantee you that the plumbing works in your kitchen are functioning fine before completing the project.

    Plumbing work is best when carried out by the expert kitchen fitter himself to avoid mishaps and allow work to run smoothly. If you opt to choose a different plumber from another company, you are likely to invite delay and thus, slow down your progress.

    In home improvements today, almost everything can be done by the homeowners themselves. It is thus submitted that it is possible for you to fit a kitchen on your own. The success of which, however, would depend on your skill set. Before you start with the kitchen project, you first need the necessary tools and equipment to get the job properly done. Most of them are expensive and demand utmost care and proper skill when handling and using them.

    Next, you must lay down a working plan that will serve as a starting point and provide you with the steps to be followed. In order to execute a well-laid out plan, you need to measure your available space in the kitchen and carefully select spaces that need improvements. Some may have done it successfully, but we do not recommend installing the kitchen fitting yourself because it will surely cost you more and endanger your safety in the process.

    Tiny kitchens usually take shorter periods of installation as against medium or big kitchen spaces. Having a small kitchen fitted in Cambridge, UK usually takes around 1 to 2 working days. The time to finish kitchen fitting is already inclusive of wall painting, kitchen plumbing, kitchen worktop installation and kitchen floor installation.

    However, the replacement of kitchen parts is another matter. Replacing the counters in the small kitchen usually takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the size of the kitchen worktop, the kind of worktop material used and the manpower behind the replacement. Of course, these time frames are rough estimates, and they are merely your guide. The complexity of your kitchen structure shall always be taken into account.

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